The Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) was designed to assist adults over the age of 55 in finding opportunities throughout Saratoga County (Emma Quinn, CBS 6 Albany). For example, some elderly patients don't have families that can drive them to all of their doctor's appointments, and relying on public transportation alone can be difficult to coordinate. Fortunately, under the RSVP, the Saratoga County Department of Aging and Youth has implemented a program to mitigate the problem, but they need your help.

CBS 6 Albany

Emma Quinn reports that the department is looking for at least 10 older adult volunteers to drive senior citizens to and from medical appointments. The program runs 5 days a week and is asking for help now that COVID and the winter weather have left them short staffed.

Hospital Waiting Room
CBS 6 Albany

Department Director Sandy Cross explains that the goal is to make medical appointments less scary and more accessible for senior citizens in a time of potential distress. It can help to have a friendly ear to talk to as they are on their way to an appointment (Emma Quinn, CBS 6 Albany).

I think it's critical that we provide retired seniors with opportunities to give back to the community in many different avenues... We think it's a perfect kind of partnership between seniors helping seniors. -Director Sandy Cross (Emma Quinn, CBS 6 Albany)

Doctor looking at foot
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Disabled Saratoga County resident Darlene McGraw utilizes medical taxi services in order to make it to her appointments. She explains how vital programs like these are for people seeking medical services, especially if they live in a rural area.

Transportation and your health kind of co-exist depending on your problems; because if you're [having] trouble getting to your medical appointments that makes you even more stressed out. -Darlene McGraw (Emma Quinn, CBS 6 Albany)

CBS 6 Albany

If you're interested in volunteering, the application can be found here. Volunteers must have a valid driver's license, and training and orientation processes are all provided. For more information, you can call (518)884-4110 or email

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