These scammers are getting scarier and scarier. I don't know if I could just hit 'delete' if someone told me they were hired to kill me.

This is probably one of the craziest online scammer stories I have heard and I think if I were in this situation I would insist on an investigation and arrest. I mean, I'm pretty sure  this whole scenario would have me fearing for my life.

According to News10 online scammers are now sending e-mails claiming to be a hit man hired to end your life and demanding money, or in this case bitcoins, to spare it.

The email begins something like this:

I want you to take this message seriously… I’ll try to be as short as possible. I received an order to kill you because your activity causes discomfort to a particular man.

The email continues by saying that this anonymous person has been watching you for sometime but has decided to give you a chance to save your life. If you are willing to pony up 0.4 bitcoin which equals out to about $6,639. The 'hit man' provides directions how to send the virtual currency and includes a link to do so. Then concludes the email with:

When I receive the funds I’ll send you the name the person the order came from. I would not recommend you call the police or make any other mistakes because you have little time.

What this scammer was unaware of was that the person they were emailing was Carol Lawlor, the Chief of Police for the Town of Guilderland. The scammer sent the email to her personal email account and luckily for her (and for us) she knew immediately that this was a scam, apparently this is something her department hears and sees a lot.

For those of us though that are not in the business of crime this is not a regular occurrence and I could see how this could easily be a frightening scenario to find yourself in. Chief Lawlor says that this is a new twist on an old scam and if you find yourself on the receiving end of an email or phone call like this hit delete, or hang up.

And maybe give your local Police Department a call just for safe measure. I'd rather be safe than sorry, I'm just say'en.