It's seems like Christmas is creeping in earlier and earlier every year. In some cases, you see Christmas decorations in stores before Halloween decorations and in extreme cases; holiday music weeks before Halloween.

While stores are hoping to get you in the holiday mood this year and spend your money early, most of us aren't buying in to the 'early Christmas' theory.

A recent poll shows that 81% of adults think it's way too early to be hearing holiday music already saying it should be held off until after Thanksgiving.

There are already ready stations around the country that started playing all holiday music as early as November 4th this year. Don't you think that's a little overkill?

While stores keep letting Christmas creep into their displays in hope of getting you in the "holiday mood" earlier to spend money with them, most people are actually planning on spending less this year.

A new Gallop poll says the average person will spend around $704 this year on Christmas gifts. That's down a Gallop's prediction in October of $786. 86% of shoppers also they will be shopping smarter this year and mostly doing their purchases online.

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