“Manscape” is a word that gets tossed around but if you aren't practicing then you can kiss your chance with Kate Upton “goodbye”! After watching this video I’m pretty certain my chances with Kate Upton or either of these two other chicks just went way up. If you want to convince any of these girls to smash their fun bags into your face you’re going to have to pick up the razor. Teen wolf is only cool if you are Michael J. Fox.

Fortunately for me I’m naturally hairless from the knees up! I’m like a half breed of those weird hairless bambino cats. There are some weird spider legs sticking out of my chest that could pass as chest hair and my face is about as patchy as quilt. But honestly if you saw just my thighs you might guess two things, sexy female soccer player with strong legs or Michael Phelps.

So maybe you start shaving the crops in the southern region and you still don’t get to sleep with Kate Upton. Well, that’s more likely than not. However, after you clean the downstairs out you might find you start doing it for you. I shave it all up to look like a baby just so I can feel sexy. Im hairless and sexy for me, and if some girl happens to see it, well lucky her! Not to mention when I have no hair on my clown it makes it much more aerodynamic when I fight!

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