Two days ago, I posted about human remains found in Delmar.  As I saw initially reported by News 10 abc, human remains were found by a hunter, located in a wooded area behind a Hoffman's Car Wash in Delmar.  In reading updates today, it looks like the body has been identified.  While the actual identity was not released, it was released that the body was of a female from the Capital District.

I perused more news sites, and found out through News 6 Albany that the female identified was last seen late September in Delmar, was a frequent walker, and lived alone.  Also- according to News 6 Albany homicide and suicide were ruled out, and that the identity will be released later in the week.

Looks like there's closure to this situation, though I do admittedly feel bad for of course anyone who knew or may be close to the deceased female, as well as the hunter who stumbled upon the remains.  Talk about a hunting trip gone wrong.