So, about last night ...

Last night I Prevail brought their 'Lifelines' tour to the Upstate Concert along with Starset, Vamps, and Cover Your Tracks and talk about a fun show! No lie pretty much everyone in the place was singing along to every song by every band throughout the whole night.

I got to be honest I was kind of bummed I ended up missing Cover Your Tracks who opened up the show. I try to make a point to catch the opening acts whenever I can but these guys started a little bit before 7 (which is when I got there) so what I did hear from them I basically heard from the line to get in the door.

Once I got in it was just about time to for Vamps to take the stage and I was pleasantly surprised at their sound ranging from heavy to melodic and even taking on some pretty big covers. In retrospect it totally set the tone for the whole night and I was not disappointed.

I got the pleasure of introducing Starset to the crowd and boy is their stage set up extensive! I was hoping the whole time I wasn't going to knock anything over or mess anything up. Luckily I did not, although there was some slight technically difficulties at the beginning of their set (not my fault, I swear) the boys rallied and put on an amazing show saying that this was "The best Monday night crowd they've seen" and even promising to come back and do a headlining show where they could play a full set (we're going to hold you to the Dustin)!

Then it was time for I Prevail to take the stage and this being my first time experiencing them live I really wasn't sure what to expect but I didn't have to wait long to find out. The whole band came onstage strong and almost immediately had the entire crowd jumping in unison (this happened several times throughout their set) and instantly I was blown away. At one point the guys professed their appreciation for their Capital Region fans saying "We may not be home tonight but home is right here". The guys crushed song after song and even treated the crowd to a Blink 182/Slipknot/Linkin Park/Eminem/Taylor Swift medley and just flat out put on a phenomenal performance.

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