Holy crap!!! (pun intended) It seems that one of the most basic, everyday functions we ALL do ( Yes, I mean you ladies), is being done completely wrong!! Unless you've been pooping on a staircase your whole life, your not doing it right according to the manufactures of this product.

That being said, is this the right way to inform us of it? I'm confused by the idea that unicorns not only exist.....they poop ice cream and that if they raised their feet, it would be better ice cream. I will never order rocky road again!!

I really enjoy the way that this subject is approached in this ad. It can't be easy to sit in a room and try to come up with ways to advertise a better way to poop. Actually they could have used those velvet painting dogs playing poker (drop a deuce), or a football scene (taking the browns to the super bowl), maybe a bakery (pinch a loaf). I'm sure you can come with a bunch more so make sure you leave them in the comments.

So without further "apoo" here it is: