With April Fools Day less than a week away some of us are more on guard than we typically are. Nobody likes to be tricked or duped in any way so we keep an eye out for things that don't add up, even if it's something we want to believe to be true.

There are rumors floating around New York State regarding the return of a once popular retail store. Could Blockbuster Video make a comeback in 2023? Are the social media posts real, some grand publicity stunt or just a clever way to keep the brand alive?

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Blockbuster was a thriving video rental outlet from 1984 until they closed their corporate store locations in 2014. Approximately 50 franchises remained open with the Bend, Oregon location being the only one left standing today. My Journal Courier reported that the Blockbuster website had recently been activated. This is all the page says:

We are working on rewinding your movie. - Blockbuster

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Remember visiting the Blockbuster on 2nd Avenue in Troy or New Loudon Road in Latham? There are no signs of those locations or any others reopening and an attempt to call the Blockbuster Press Contact Information Office leads you to Dish Network, the company that bought Blockbuster.

Blockbuster returning as a video rental outlet is unlikely but the brand could make a comeback in a different form, maybe even right here in New York. In the meantime keep an eye on their website and social media pages, if nothing else, they will make you smile.

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