This sweet ride was spotted outside a grocery store in Colonie and I think the rest of the world needs to see it for how incredibly rad it truly is. The words “Try Jesus” written on the side with a gigantic crown riding on top spark so many questions. What does this mean? What is the significance of the crown? Can I buy tacos or hot dogs from this car? And why am I not the owner of this aggressive Jesus car?

At first glance you see the words “try Jesus” and you think "perhaps along with being a worldly popular religious figure maybe Jesus is also a new type of food." Jesus tastes great and you should try it. Or maybe Jesus is like a new form of Cross Fit and this car wants you to get into shape?

But what about the crown? That crown says more than I think the words do. If I just read the words on this car, I think nothing of it. But then I see the crown and think to myself, “Oh man, this car is royalty and knows what it is doing. I better do what it says."

Or maybe I’m wrong about all of this. Either way, enjoy the picture and try some Jesus, I hear it is in season this time of year.