Announced today: Rockers Memphis May Fire and guitarist Anthony Sepe have decided to part ways.

Anthony Sepe, with the band for five years, was originally hired after Ryan Bentley's departure in 2012.Ryan Bentley was one of the founding members of Memphis May Fire. Prior to Sepe's stint with Memphis May Fire, he had been playing for the band Decoder. At the time, the Memphis May Fire released a press statement giving both a warm welcome to Anthony, and wishing Ryan the best.

For their part in this turn of events, Memphis May Fire broke the news of Anthony Sepe's departure today on their Facebook page, and again wished a guitarist the best. With references to "heavy consideration" and the fact that "change is never easy"  one can imagine it was not an quick decision, no matter what the cause.  The band continued to wish him well and encouraged their supporters to continue to support Sepe.

On Sepe's end, he released a statement on both his instagram and twitter, @ant_sepe , referencing the fact that leaving was out of his control, however expressing his love and gratuity for being a member of the band, as well as all of the support from Memphis May Fire fans over the years.

Now, Memphis has been teasing fans recently, with multiple posts on media and apps alluding to releasing tour dates soon. No word has been released yet of possible replacements for Sepe, and one wonders how this is going to effect their upcoming plans. What do you think?

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