Looks like actor and musician Kiefer Sutherlad has a couple of days to take in the sites and the locals in Albany.

This Thursday, May 17th Kiefer Sutherland who is not only a famous actor (Lost Boys, Stand By Me, Flatliners, 24) but a musician as well, is scheduled to play a show at the Egg in Albany.

Keifer however, has arrived in Albany a few days ahead of his show and was spotted yesterday enjoying the sunshine and the musical styling of an Albany local at the Pearl St. Pub in downtown Albany. In fact the Times Union got some video footage of the interaction which you can check out here.

Tickets for Kiefer's show at the Egg with Rick Brantley are on sale and available for $34.50 you get yours by clicking here and who knows, if you are out and about in Downtown Albany over the next couple of days you may just run into him in person!