Why certain things exist in the world, we may never know. But we do know that Japan is home to some of the strangest food creations of all-time. Take for example their new Kit Kat Pizza.

Yep, the chocolate bars with wafer you love blended with pizza. Delicious or disgusting?

It all began when Nestle's Japan division released to the public the Kit Kat Bake, a baked biscuit version of the original chocolate bar. Advertising it could be eaten raw or baked in the oven for 2 minutes.

This lead to a boom in pizza chains asking Nestle to use Kit Kat Bake in their own pizzas to offer a new desert menu item, which was given. The pizzas started selling Friday of last week for 1,630 Yen (or $16 American).

This should come as no surprise to see the Kit Kat Pizza in Japan as the bar outsells all others for the last two years straight. In fact, Japan has several flavors of Kit Kat you never heard of including: Cinnamon Cookie, European Cheese, and Purple Potato.

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