Snowmobile season is here! Time to jump on your sled and tear up some trails! Am I right? Well, no, not exactly. Each season serious injury and even death have occurred due to speed, distracted riding or being under the influence.

On Saturday January 29th, for example, one man required rescue after hitting a tree with his machine in Lake Pleasant.

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Last weekend a man was snowmobiling on Jessup Road in the town of Lake Pleasant. As the man was traveling his machine met a curve that it could not handle. Man and machine lost control and the sled slammed into a tree. CRACK!

That wasn't the sound of the tree, that CRACK was the sound of the man's leg. The impact of the collision caused his femur to break and immediately he knew he needed rescue.

According to New York Department of Environmental Conservation, the Forest Rangers Snowmobile Unit joined forces with the Hamilton County Sherriff's Department to respond to the call from dispatch regarding this crash with injuries. Forest Rangers brought in rescue equipment via snowmobile and Sheriff's staff transported Greater Amsterdam Volunteer Ambulance Corps personnel to the scene.

Once on scene, officials assessed the patient, splinted the injury, and loaded him into the Speculator Ambulance UTV and off he went to Nathan Littauer Hospital. No word on the injured riders status after being treated.

Forest Rangers and New York State Police have been conducting snowmobile safety checks around the state. Officers provide information to snowmobilers about State Land regulations and have also issued  citations for unregistered snowmobiles and modified exhausts to name a couple.

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