The Capital Region is one step closer to building a Costco near Crossgates Mall. A state appeals court heard a case brought by the Save the Pine Bush environmental group. They made their ruling.

What Were the Concerns of Building the Costco?

Save the Pine Bush which is a non-profit group raised concerns in court about the environmental impacts of building the Costco which is a 160,000 square foot building. They were also concerned about the apartment complex that is being proposed. They are concerned about the impacts of the commercial construction near the Albany Pine Bush. Specifically how it will affect the endangered Karner Blue butterfly and hiking trails.

Albany Pine Bush Preserve
Albany Pine Bush Preserve

What Was The Court's Ruling?

The state appeals court heard the arguments from Save The Pine Bush against the building of Costco near Crossgates and the Albany Pine Bush. The five-judge panel took a deep look into the concerns and the impact of the environment in building Costco. They ruled in favor of the Guilderland Planning Board. The Costco and large apartment complex can be built according to the Albany Business Review.

According to the Ruling:

Although petitioner [Save the Pine Bush Inc.] continues to argue that the studies upon which the Planning Board based its findings were incomplete and inaccurate, we cannot conclude that its decision to rely upon them 'was irrational, nor may we substitute our judgment as to the accuracy of the data presented.'

What Happens Next?

Although it is not clear when the Costco and apartment complex will break ground, this ruling makes the project closer to being built.

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