On Wednesday, a big prank was played on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West when a photo went viral of Kim nude. It was not Kim, it was pornstar Amia Miley. 

In 2011 Amia Miley tweeted a photo of herself, nude, in a hotel eating. So on Wednesday, when a photo of that same description began circulating that was believed to be Kim Kardashian, people began to search around. It was quickly turned around that Kanye West didn't tweet the photo, and it was a big twitter prank.

The photo was actually Amia, who is photographed nude quite often. She's also videotaped, because she happens to be a successful pornstar. Not that we're upset. It's not like we haven't seen Kim K naked before - she did openly pose for Playboy - so no harm, no foul. It also got us following Amia on twitter, which has been a great addition to our twitter feed.