Most parents think their children are geniuses, trumping out all others of the same age when in reality they are mostly of average intelligence. That wasn't the case with Alexis Martin's parents, however. From the age of a year they knew their daughter was special and today she is three-years-old and the youngest member to ever join Mensa

Mensa was first established on October 1, 1946 and welcomes those who score in the 98th percentile on standard IQ tests or other approved tests. Since its inception, there have been around 110,000 members from around the world, with the oldest living member being 103 years old.

Arizona's own Alexis Martin is just three years old and the organizations youngest member. With an IQ of over 160 (the average is 100) the article states that it was so high doctors couldn't even truly calculate it.

Alexis' parents first noticed how bright she really was at just a year old, when, in the car she would recite her books out loud word for word. At bedtime her mom and dad would read her a 20-25 page book and by the next day it was carved into her memory, after hearing it only once. From there, they tested her intelligence quotient which confirmed their initial curiosities of her uncommon ways.

At three, most toddlers are just learning colors, shapes, numbers and putting sentences together, but Alexis has already surpassed other children her age by reading at a fifth grade level. She also used her parents iPad to teach herself Spanish using an app designed solely for adults.

I'm sure we'll hear more from this American-born genius as she grows older.

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