A few days ago I blogged about Iron Maiden releasing another "best of" album that was to cover the past two decades. Now, the band has announced that all proceeds for select merch T-Shirts will be going to the Japanese Red Cross to help victims, restoration and clean-up from the March 11 earthquake and earthquake-induced tsunami.

Iron Maiden may have gotten their name from a medieval torture device, but that does not reflect the band's personality or generous hearts. They had to cancel their planned tour dates in Japan after Mother Nature hit, so now they're doing their part and helping out the best way they can.

The majority of the selected shirts are the ones they would have sold during their show in Tokyo, along with the specific Japanese shirts. The Tokyo shirts include the dates of cancelled shows, while the specific Japanese shirts do not. To view/buy a shirt, go here. I wonder if the one with dates will be worth anything down the line.

Continuing on from the 2010 Final Frontier World Tour, we are making the event shirts available again for those of you who want the shirt but were unable to get one at the show, or just because you love the artwork.

As before these are exactly the same as the shirt available at the concert but with the dates and venue detail taken off. This is to preserve the 'trophy value' of the shirt for those who bought one at the gig. - ironmaiden.com

Other stars and celebrities, such as Sandra Bullock(read BJ's blog) have also donated money to help the relief of Japan. I wish more and more would donate, but we all know most celebs are too self-absorbed and selfish buying materialistic things they have no use for to pay attention to the world and help out a little. I hope this changes some day. Do you think it ever will?

To find out what you can do to help the victims of this devastation, go to http://www.redcross.org/.