What can half an hour to an hour of your time do?  As a nurse, I can tell you.  I’ve run down hallways carrying bags of blood.  I’ve watched a woman bleeding out on an operation table clinging for life while surgeons saved her.  I’ve worked with patients whose blood platelets are so low it is critical- life or death.  And I’ve dealt with newborn babies whose bili levels are so high they need a blood transfusion to save their life.

That’s what maybe half a hour of hour or an hour of your time can do.  Save a life.  Save the baby that needs a transfusion, or the woman bleeding on the table while I run to get packs of blood.  It doesn’t take too long to donate a pint of blood, but it can instantly save a life.

There’s an emergency need for donors of all types. You can help out and join us at the Rock and Roll Up Your Sleeve Summer Blood Drive!  Q1057 and the Red Cross will be at Skyloft on August 21st.  I’ll be there doing a live broadcast along with our PM Drive host Steve King, plus we’ll have live music from Sticks and Stones, all while you donate.  You can even schedule your appointment ahead of time on the Q1057 app.  Get all the info here!