There is something special about seeing your hometown, a familiar landmark or a local business featured in a television show or a movie. Call it State pride or bragging rights but it's exciting to say my high school, for example, was used in that 1990's Horror film.

On Friday November 17th "Manodrome" starring Jesse Eisneberg and Adrian Brody will be released to select theatres. These actors lead the cast in this drama but they will be supported by the Empire State as several scenes were shot in Upstate New York. Recognize any of these locations?

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According to IMDB, "Manodrome", is a thriller where Eisenberg's character "Ralphie" is conflicted about his girlfriend's pregnancy. Ralphie's life spirals out of control when he meets a mysterious family of men. reports that “Manodrome” was filmed in the Syracuse area between November 2021 and January 2022. Here are a couple of screen shots of Adrian Brody and Eisnberg at Destiny USA mall in Syracuse. Movies Movies

Many shots from the mall, downtown, and Marcellus. I had no idea about this movie so thanks for sharing - Boring-Work-Account on Reddit Movies Movies

Here's a familiar shot for anyone that has been on I-81 in Syracuse. You can see the distinct Crowne Plaza Hotel on the left. Just past the hotel is Upstate Med and the JMA Wireless Dome. Movies Movies

Pavone's Pizza & Eatery, 349 South Warren Street, in Syracuse made it into the film. Movies Movies

They filmed a scene in our neighbor's woods and were up and down gorge road in Marcellus one morning filming a car chase. Excited to see it! - CNYwino on Reddit Movies Movies

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