Yes, I know the Packers will make every attempt to defend their title. Yes, I know the Philadelphia Eagles have already been dubbed as the ‘Dream team’. But I really like what I saw with Jason Garrett as head coach last year.

 And I think with a healthy Tony Romo running the show that this team is going to make some noise this year. In addition, I also like how Garrett made a statement by cutting out some fat immediately this year.

In the AFC Rex Ryan has already made the same inaccurate prediction that he makes every year, but I think those guys have over achieved the last 2 years and expect them to take a step backwards. There’s always a chance with the Steelers, Peyton and the Patriots (my team). But I think this is the year of the Chargers. They have had the talent year in and year out but always stub there toe. After hurting themselves so much last year that they didn’t even get into the playoffs, I expect them to finally come out on fire this year and not have to try and dig their way out of a hole. They are healthy. And I also like the addition of safety Bob Sanders from the Colts. He is getting old, but he is a crafty difference maker.

So there you have it, the Cowboys and the Chargers in this year’s Super Bowl. And you can get a sneak peak in tonight's preseason game on NBC.