National Grid is looking to improve infrastructure with proposed raised rates. Yeah I get maybe that is a necessary evil but come on. The rate hike they are thinking of is insane.

What you could expect to see if the proposal goes through is a rate increase anywhere between 17.5 percent and 20.5 percent. That is nuts. A lot of people in the Capital Region if not all think they already spend way to much. Its is adding insult to injury in that regard.

“Interest rates change,” Patrick Stella with National Grid said. “The rate increase proposal itself is really about infrastructure investment and updating the infrastructure that we have.” News 10

Also according to her and News 10, the improvements will have noticeable benefits. Along with those benefits they are estimating 280 jobs will be created to make the upgrades.

Along with the proposal and exacts on the amount extra, National Grid is also working on Low Income assistance programs to help out with the rising costs. If this all goes through, March 2018 is when you can expect to see your bill increase.


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