In all the company is sending a total of 300 workers from Upstate New York and Massachusetts with 40 from right here in the Capital Region.

Overnight Storms Knock Out Power To Over A Million In DC Area
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I hate to say that such devastating events as hurricanes really have the ability to restore my faith in humanity but they definitely have a way of highlighting the lengths our neighbors will stretch to help one another out. With all the hate and negativity being thrown at us from practically every direction it's people like these that make me want to strive to be a better person on the daily and not just during catastrophic events.

I have several friends that live in Florida and have been directly effected by the wrath of Hurricane Irma one in particular who lives in Key West. He was updating us pretty regularly up until Irma hit and since then the whole island is basically without power and it's been nothing but radio silence. Thankfully, we recently got word that he is okay but there is like only one working landline on the island so calls are pretty limited, as I'm sure you can imagine.

So I was really excited to see that workers in our community have stepped up to spend time away from there families and work and stay in some potentially extreme conditions to help Florida get back up and running.

According to News10 40 Capital Region National Grid workers are currently on the road heading to Florida to help get the electricity back on for many who have been without something that has become a basic necessity for many of us. The say that while they will be getting paid for their services all of the 300 plus workers heading south form Upstate NY and Mass have all volunteered to leave their families for weeks while working 16 hour days in unknown conditions while possibly sleeping on cots or in their trucks until some of the power can be restored.

Kudos to these folks! Here's hoping that the people of Florida can restore and rebuild and get back to some sense of normalcy as quickly as possible.