Looks like Albany will have a shiny new Department of Motor Vehicles in the very near future.

You may remember back in September when we told you about how the Albany Department of Motor Vehicles on South Pearl St. was shutting down at the end of October to move to a new location near the Everett Rd. exit off of I90 at 855 Central Ave. If you live in Albany then I'm sure you were a bit worried that Albany was expected to be without a DMV location for a coupe of months (especially if every time you need to go to the DMV happens to be at the start of a new year like myself).

Well good news! You will soon be able to handle your business in person at the new location. The Times Union is reporting that the new location is set to open it's doors just a week into the new year. The new office will officially open at 8:30 a.m. Jan. 7th, 2019!

The relocation is said to be an effort to put the DMV in a convenient area of the city, along a bus line, and near other popular businesses so customers can save time by stopping at the DMV while they are out running other errands. It has been said that this spot also had ample parking and  will be incorporating new technology so customers can expect to see upgrades the moment they walk in.


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