Ever go to someone's house and have to "drop the kids off at the pool" or maybe even having to do so at home and you don't want your other half to know about it?

Well, like with everything else - there's an app for that.

Software company Akatu has released an app that mimics the sounds of taking a shower to help mask the odd sounds that might arise from a visit to the John.

The App is on sale now in Itunes with a description

"Akatu Fake Shower is an awareness tool that, in a light-hearted manner, allows keeping privacy between couples avoiding wasting water. Why? Because many people turn on the faucet or shower only to prevent the other from hearing the 'sounds of nature' in the bathroom."



Speaking of going to the bathroom. Here is a lovely lady in China who squats down and unloads in a public elevator, glass elevator mind you, while her husband watches guard. It literally takes all kinds of people to make the world go round (wow).

WARNING - THE FOLLOW VIDEO NSFW and may gross you out a bit.