With craft beer being so popular, you now will be able to indulge and buy some brew at a new store set to open in Downtown Albany.

For me, I hate going to bars, now as someone who loves beer that may sound odd. Just how I am. I also am someone who genuinely enjoys a good craft brew. Unlike most, I love IPA's, stouts, porters, lagers, ales and more. You get the point. I am not picky. I also am well versed enough to know a good beer from a bland one. This is where this new beer store is right up my alley.

Pint-Sized is opening up a new location on Lark and Jay in Albany, in the building that used to be the home of Ben & Jerrys. They are a craft beer store different than what you are used to. Unlike most, they allow you to actually drink some beer on site. Makes it cool because you can order a glass and go "I really love that" give me a growler.

They open Friday if you are interested in checking them out and it will be their second Capital Region location.


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