Well at first you may be baffled that Governor Andrew Cuomo passed a bill allowing this, but then you think about it and actually, its a good thing.

What the bill passed actually allows for is for students to be screened for obesity as part of their health services. Now obviously obesity as you progress in age can become a major issue for your health. The idea here is to catch it for a young person and hopefully steer them into a better direction before its too late. The New York State United Teachers were backers of this bill and I am sure they are very please the NY Governor passed it.

A statement on News 10's website on childhood obesity from a parent,

“Junk food is cheaper, parents go with the cheaper route sometimes and kids end up suffering without knowing any better because they will eat whatever is put in front of them. I think it’s a good idea to have schools be a little bit better,” Bill Balsamico, a parent, said. - NEWS 10 ABC

Beyond just what is listed above it also can allow for nutritional education as well as Diabetes Risk analysis. More info from News 10 at the link below.