New York State is now officially tobacco free and vape free indoors.

If you live in New York State and are a tobacco smoker at this point you should be pretty well aware that smoking indoors is a big no no. In fact it is pretty frowned upon in a variety of public outdoor spaces as well.

As of last Wednesday the state wide smoking ban has been amended to include e-cigarettes and vaping of all types. According to the Times Union:

Vaping is now banned in the workplace, on public transportation, indoors at all public and private colleges and in other areas. It is also now banned in outdoor areas where smoking is also forbidden.

You can still vape in other areas including private homes, hotel rooms and outdoor dining areas that don't have a roof or ceiling.

Hey, I'm not judging anyone you want to vape, smoke cigarettes, or any other smokable substance that's a personal choice only you can make. However, it's only fair that you don't force that choice on nonsmokers. So heads up Capital Region, you may want to think twice before you pick up that vape tank in public places.