November is a special month in men's health awareness across the country. Many raise awareness for men's cancer with MOVEMBER, where you grow a mustache all month long. Others do so by participating in NO SHAVE NOVEMBER, where you grow a beard all month without trimming or shaving.

Don't ask me how this became associated with men's cancer but this year, many at the Q103 studios will be taking part in No Shave November and raising money for a great cause.

Rules of No Shave November - Simply clean shave on Oct. 31 and don't touch your razor/shaving device until Dec. 1.

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October 27 - Instagram @WesStyles

I've already started my beard. I decided to start a little early by clean shaving on Oct. 25 and have since stored my razor. From now until the end of November, I will post twice weekly updates of the "Beard Brigade" and only hope I can stick with it for the month. (We'll see how I am after a week when it's itching like crazy)

For No Shave November, I am asking you to donate to the Colon Cancer Alliance. I have chosen this charity due to my experience with colon cancer in my family.

Several years ago, my father was diagnosed with colon cancer. Thankfully during a screening test, the doctor spotted a very, very small polyp that ended up being the early stages of colon cancer. My father would have surgery to remove it and has since been cancer free.

Colon cancer and screenings are not something most guys think of. To be honest, I never had even heard of colon cancer until my father told me he had it. According CCA website, over 30,000 lives can be saved every year from regular screenings. It is suggested that if you are 50 or older, screenings should be a regular thing for you but you are never to young to get colon cancer (watch below video).

For the month of November, I ask you to join me in beard-growing or donating to this great cause. Seventy seven cents of every dollar raised used in CCA's patient support, education, and awareness campaigns.

On Nov. 1,  I will post an updated photo of the "beard" and link to donate.


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