There's recently been a string of break-ins in Clifton Park, causing some alert among residents.  According to News 10 abc, the break-ins have recently been happening during the day, and homes have even been broken in to through the front door.  One home was apparently ransacked with more than $7000 of jewelry stolen.

Break-ins are awful- not just the loss of money or things, but also that feeling of vulnerability, or being unsafe in your own home.  I had a good friend once get robbed during the day time, and she lived right next to a police officer, with the cop car parked right outside!  I remember how hard it was for her to go through, and the financial struggle of trying to replace what was broken.  Unfortunately, going in to the holiday season, there always seems to be an upswing of phone scams, online scams, and robberies, so let's hope it quiets down in Clifton Park.

Have you been a victim or know someone who has?  What are your thoughts?