A pop-up café in Hong Kong has created a menu themed around Gudetama, the “Lazy Egg” character from Sanrio, the company that makes Hello Kitty and all those other characters that were pretty popular in the '90s. But its their Dim Dum dish that’s got people talking.

If you’ve heard of the realistic dolls that pee, this concept might sound a bit familiar, just with your dessert. Depending on which flavor you order (chocolate or custard) diners are encouraged to poke a hole in either the pastry's behind (chocolate) or mouth (custard) and gently squeeze the mid-section of the treat and your dessert will either poop out chocolate or vomit custard.

While I’m sure the pastry is completely fine in the flavor department, eat at your own risk. I cannot guarantee that mere mind game of putting something in your mouth that is pooping or puking won’t make you want to do the same yourself.

Don’t believe me? Here’s some vids, ‘cause this totally happened …