It seemed that as soon as he got here he was already gone.  President Barack Obama paid a little visit to the electric city today, making it his second stop in the Capital Region since being elected.


Air Force One once again touched down at Albany International Airport today shortly after Noon. President Obama arrived at the GE plant in Schenectady today to discuss his new plans on job creation.  He was accompanied by Senator Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand.

His speech ended just moments ago and his new plan would mean a big boom to the Upstate economy. GE CEO Jerry Immlet has been chosen by President Obama to head up his job creation panel. The influx of jobs and money that would be brought in may be just what we need to get back on track. Also on the docket was GE's new Green Energy plan.

Also in attendance today was Schenectady Mayor Brian Stratton, Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings, State Representatives Paul Tonko and Chris Gibson and Governor Andrew Cuomo.   The President is scheduled to get a quick tour of the GE plant before getting back on board Air Force One and departing the Capital Region at 2pm.

I was there last time the President spoke at Hudson Valley Community College and it was quite an experience being able to cover the event.  This is now the second time that  he has come through Upstate so this could mean big things for us in the future.  I think that they are finally realizing that Upstate effects New York's economy just as much as NYC. Lets hope the job creation begins soon.

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