First off, how on earth can you be conspicuous when it comes to the theft of a cow.. This cannot be an easy feat with an animal that weighs a literal ton.

At the moment an investigation is underway on the theft of 7 cows from a farm in Greenwich. Washington County Sheriffs are asking for your help on the matter if you can provide them anything at all.

Now I want to sit here and make jokes and try to make a point of, who steals a cow, I can't as this is a serious issue. But, apparently, a neighbor to the farm whose bovine were stolen said "It is not a rare occurrence.." from News 10. I know certainly cows are the livelihood for dairy farmers so I get that point.

So the information on the cow, she is worth about $20,000 her name is Roxy, and she is a rare breed. A Guernsey. They are easily distinguished with white and tan coloring. If you may know something, please contact the police.