If we had the internet during the 15th century, this would have been an everyday occurrence, not fit to replace a top ten list about mutton parts. However it's currently possibly 2014, and this happened.

Have you ever heard of the game The Legend of Zelda? Well that game features the Master Sword, a sword so sweet replica's get made, and people buy them. For years I wondered who, and now my questions are answered.

This guy in Houston buys replica swords. You know this as his description of the events mention him grabbing one of his replica swords after his girlfriend's estranged husband came into his house. Now this could be written off as normal defending your house with a sword, we've all been there, but then the estranged husband took a flower pot and broke it over the head of the man wielding a sharp object.

Now I've been playing video games most of my life, and there aren't many that involve both swordplay and smashing pots, but the Legend of Zelda has both. I'm almost angry this didn't happen to me. Think about how cool I would have looked brandishing that replica sword, in my hallway, as that guy came running at me with a flower pot.

You could read real facts about this story, or even watch the news clip about it below, but then you're just gonna ask me questions about dressing up as anime characters, and I'd rather you just imagine how cool I'd look with that replica sword I'll never own, I know I am.

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