How cool would it be to find a climate controlled dog house, whenever you needed it, when you are on the go with your pup? My girlfriend and I have a Chesapeake Bay Retriever named 'Mondo' and we take this 90 pound goofball pretty much everywhere we go. If we leave him behind he has a tremendous case of 'fomo'.

So where do we leave him when we stop at a NYS Thruway service center on a hot summer day? We can't leave him in the car and we can't take him inside. The Brooklyn based company, Hello Dog Spot, has the solution for pet and parents alike with the 'Dogspot', which is basically a high-tech dog house where your pooch can safely hang out while you do your thing around New York.

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DogSpots sit on sidewalks outside of stores, restaurants and venues that want to be dog friendly but can't necessarily allow dogs inside. These spots are secure, heated and air conditioned. After each use the UV Lights kill any bacteria left behind for a sanitized spot for the next guy. They even have internet-connection so you can keep an eye on your dog with the Puppy Cam.

First you need to know where to find them. At least 10 New York State Thruway service centers have them. Here are some locations:

  • New Baltimore, New York Service Area
  • Pattersonville, New York Service Plaza
  • Plattekill, New York Service Area
  • Ulster, New York Travel Plaza
  • Vanderbilt Museum, Centerport, New York

Download the Dogspot app HERE and use it to lock and unlock the Spot. The app also allows you to find other locations, reserve your spot in advance, pay for your use and to monitor to make sure your dog is happy.

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