Friday night at Savannah's we had round one of our ring girl competition and it went off without a hitch.  A packed house see two lovely ladies move on for their shot to be ring girl at the KO at the TU and a role in a movie. 


Myself and ESPN Radio 104.5 The Team's Brian Noe had quite a crowd on our hands for round one of the ring girl competition.  The place was buzzing all night just waiting for it to begin.  While we teased the crowd and gathered the girls, jet Crash Billy rocked the house. All in all, it was a great night at Savannah's.

We had three girls that patiently waited all night to have their chance at stardom.  Rose, Amy and Chelsea were ready to bring it come 11:30pm.  Despite not having a bikini, Rose did a great job playing to the crowd, but once Amy and Chelsea came out dressed for success Rose's hope dwindled.  The crowd went crazy for Amy and when Chelsea came out the roof almost caved in from all the cheering.

Amy and Chelsea now move on to round two next week at Savannah's from 10p-Midnight.  They will compete against the next group of girls, and we will then see who will move on to the Times Union Center on Saturday night for the big fight, and then the big movie.  It surely something you won't want to miss.

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