Terminator, the epic sci-fi movie series, depicts the Robotic Apocalypse known as "Judgement Day" where the machines rise up and overthrow the human race to start a war of man vs. it's creation. Though just a movie, it does raise some concerns of "what if" and now the first seed has been laid of the takeover. 

Rethink Robotics debuted Baxter last fall, a robot that can be easily trained and work along side the humans it will soon replace in the workforce. Baxter, who cost roughly $22,000 a robot, received an overwhelming response from the manufacturing industry and sold out of the original launch through April of this year.

Baxter can be trained and now with a new software update, he can do a whole lot more. The April update will allow the robot to do more complex task; picking up a part and placing it in the good or bad pile. Even better, Rethink will soon allow others to create updates to allow Baxter to do more.

Baxter is not alone in the robot takeover either. BakeBot from MIT can read recipes, whip cookie dough together, and place it in the oven. There's also a robot that can fold laundry thanks to the folks at The University of California at Berkeley. Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and China also robots in the workforce that are waiting tables.

Is it only a matter of time before these robots become self-aware and overthrow their flesh lords? Is "Judgement Day" sooner then we think?