The Godfather of Shock Rock or the Prince of Darkness!  How does someone even BEGIN to compare them?

I mean, Alice Cooper, he's an absolute legend. With hits such as "School's Out," "I'm Eighteen," and "Feed my Frankenstein," it's impossible not to know who Alice Cooper is, even if you don't like rock and roll (which why you wouldn't is beyond me).  Everyone I come across can recognize the two eyes surrounded black spear-point makeup. Then of course there's his live show, which still shocks decades later, tried and true to its own demented perfection.  Fake blood, zombie nurses, creepy stuffed animals across the stage just start to set the scene of an Alice Cooper concert.  Then there's the fact that he guillotine's himself ON STAGE.  Oh and throw in his current amazing guitarist Nita Strauss (if any of you caught the show last September at The Palace you'll know how amazing she was), and I don't know if it's possible to top him.

But then there's Ozzy Osbourne, the other form of demented perfection.  Much like Cooper, he's made such an impact that everyone recognizes him, rock fan or not.  From Black Sabbath to reality TV, he's shaped and influenced generations.  Hits from "Crazy Train," "War Pigs," and "Bark at the Moon" are wildly infectious, and make you want to embrace every little bit of darkness possible.

Both have had careers spanning decades, and I can't imagine the shape rock and roll would have taken without either.  I think of the upcoming In This Moment concert, with special guests Motionless in White happening at The Palace Theatre April 19th.  Would their stage theatrics, dark reputations, or heavy performance make-up and stage images even exist without the likes of these predecessors paving the way for rock?  I can't image where we'd be without Alice or Ozzy.

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