Recently, I've found myself in an age-old debate, that I've seemingly been having with friends and acquaintances alike for years: Who is better, Van Halen or Led Zeppelin?

I know, it's impossible to compare.  Both were so influential. Both rock. Which Van Halen: Roth or Hagar? Who's better sonically, better live, better in numbers... There's a million questions that go in to this!

Yet somehow, as a die hard Van Halen fan, I find myself constantly having the debate with people on which band is "better" (if that's even a thing).  Van Halen is one of my all-time favorite bands.  I've seen them live twice (with Roth, not Hagar) in the early 2000's and again in 2012.  BOTH times, I had crappy nosebleed seats, and wound up finding myself in either a $400 box seat (in 2012), or center-stage, right above the floor, after an usher took my tickets, gave me two others in exchange, mumbled something to me in French and pointed down (in the early 2000s).  Because I've seen Van Halen live, I have such a distinct connection to Eddie's intrinsic guitar playing, Roth's stage energy full of stamina and electricity, and an adrenaline rush from the music that lasted about a week.  My love for Van Halen has literally come to the point where I've almost thrown fists over people who have insulted them (after one too many of course).

But Led Zeppelin are Led Zeppelin. What can really compare to Robert Plant's voice? Sammy Hagar's shrills and David Lee Roth's rasp aren't quite the same.  Though I have to say Eddie Van Halen's guitar might just trump Jimmy Page to me, because seeing "Eruption" live leaves that kind of everlasting mark on your brain.  And then of course there's the whole 'predecessor' thing- without Led Zeppelin, what kind of direction would rock have even taken?

I'm a Van Halen girl through and through, but it's a tough one.  What are your thoughts on this week's Rock Girl Rock War? Van Halen or Led Zeppelin. Pick one, let us know why, and rock on!

Rock Girl Tatiana at the 2012 Van Halen Tour
Rock Girl Tatiana at the 2012 Van Halen Tour