Each Friday, I find myself waking up with excitement, and going through the day with adrenaline pumping.  Of course, I'm always SO excited to crash someone's day for the  WorkDay Distraction on Friday.  But Friday's also mean one other thing.  Friday's are the day I get to crash the Q103 studio and record my 'Rock Girl Weekly Update' with Tigman!  Our quick catch up airs on the radio every Friday at around 5:40 PM, but in case you miss it, each weekend now we'll be posting the video footage of us recording in the studio.  Check out the video below of me hanging out with Tig yesterday and chatting about my trip to Wolf Road to give out some free tickets, shop talk about rock, and Hulk Hogan, because- why not!  Oh and just an FYI, if you are a lucky winner of the WorkDay Distraction, chances are I'll be talking about you too, so make sure to tune in on-air and online for all of our video footage!