Now obviously, curing Lyme disease isn't quite as easy as saying. "Hey, let's propose a bill". But it is a start.

A very good start to see some who are on political level understanding and helping to address some of the fears of the residents of their area. That is what Angelo Santabarbara is looking to accomplish, he wants to see an end to Lyme disease. I am sure we all do. I myself am about to get ready to go out in the heat and mow my lawn. It is far to hot to wear jeans so I will be doing so in shorts. That freaks me out being I have a lot of wooded area around my house.

Santabarbara has introduced a bill backed my many. Backed by people of the Farm Burea, some local experts and people in the medical proffession according to News Channel 13.

He wants the fear of going outside to be eliminated and believes that can be solved at a state legislation level.

Check out more of what Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara had to say at the link below from News Channel 13.

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