With the kids back in school here in the Capital Region we have a little refresher on the rules of the road when it comes to stopping for stopped school buses ...


So it's been a few months since we have really had to navigate the Capital Region roadways with buses full of children back out on the roads because, summer. However the kids are back in school now so the Q and the Albany Police Department want to make sure that everyone stays safe while the kids travel to and from school this year.

The Albany Police Department posted this handy dandy little refresher for the Capital Region on the rules of the road when it comes to stopping for school buses:

So basically unless you are on a divided highway no matter what direction you are traveling if you see a stopped school bus you need to stop too. Let's make sure the kidletts can get on and off the bus safely and that you save yourself the hassle of getting a ticket or heaven forbid living with the guilt of something much worse.

Stay safe our there Capital Region!