Three local teens are properly being praised for their quick thinking when they came to the rescue of a man who may have been moments away from drowning in Collins Lake in Scotia on Tuesday.

Following what was believed to be a drug induced venture into the water, the Daily Gazette is reporting that three eight-graders came to the rescue of a 36-year-old Rotterdam man.  The unidentified man, who according to eyewitnesses went into the water for a swim, but was unable to do so.  He was allegedly accompanied by his mother, whose attempts to save her son were limited by her own inability to swim.

That's when the teen trio took over.

Meka Bonsie-Machin, Ava Horton, and Emily St John Scotia-Glenville teenager, were off school during spring break when they noticed a man, according to report, that seemed 'off'.  A short time later, he was in the water, struggling.

Upon hearing screams, they immediately called 911 and waited for paramedics to arrive. It was at that time that Meka Bonsie-Machin went into the sludgy, shallow waters to retrieve the man and brought him to shore until EMT's could take over.

According to the Daily Gazette story, the man was unconscious at the time and brought to Ellis Hospital in Schenectady.

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