As Black Friday and the holiday shopping season approachs, some will deal with the crowds while other will... shop from their porcelain thrown. A new study says more Americans are shopping from the toilet these days.

I thought it was one thing to play with phone or even read the paper to kill time. I stand corrected as the study states 38 million of us are breaking out the credit cards while 'dropping the kids off at the pool.'

CashStar and Harris Interactive asked 2,104 people 18 and older about their digital shopping habits and where they conducted most of the business. Based on these results they calculated the following:

4 million have shopped WHILE driving (I thought texting was bad)

7 million have shopped online while grocery shopping (double shopping?)

9 million have bought something while in a meeting (I knew my Digital Manager was doing something other then work on his I-Pad during our managers meetings)

Last and not least, 38 million shop while on the can.

I now know what I am doing on Thursday night, shopping while I clog up the pipes from Thanksgiving dinner. 2 birds, 1 stone. Thank you technology

Where do you most of your online shopping?

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