A small, Saratoga area business was featured in a QuickBooks ad during the Big Game on Sunday.

According to heavy.com, QuickBooks ran a contest for small businesses all over the country, with 50 or fewer employees. The company had asked for sumbmissions of 30 second ads. Death Wish Coffee out of Round Lake, NY submitted and entry and won via a public vote. Company developer Michael Brown said that customers had been coming in and asking for his "Strongest cup" of coffee. After realizing that he could not meet the needs of his customers, he decided to develop his own and the process was explained by the company on their official website:

"After countless weeks of late nights, early mornings, cupping, testing, and tasting, he finally got it right. Death Wish Coffee, The World's Strongest Coffee was created using the perfect blend of beans and a unique roasting process."

It was great seeing a small, area business getting some big exposure during the Big Game. For more info on Death Wish Coffee, check out the official website www.deathwishcoffee.com

Check out the Super Bowl ad below: