Well this is certainly and interesting new development in the partnership between Death Wish Coffee and Olde Sartoga Brewing Company ...

Death Wish Coffee and Olde Sartoga Brewing Company have teamed up yet again and this time they bring a whole new way to get your caffeine fix! The two local companies have teamed up together before to bring us some delicious coffee infused beers but this time around they're taking their collaboration to the other end of the spectrum.

The two companies have joined forces again to bring us Death Wish Nitro Brew Cold Brew Coffee which is being canned so you can not only stock up but store it cold and take it with you on the go! Actually they aren't working totally alone on this one either they have teamed up with a new local start up called Ninth Planet Beverage Solutions who are handling the whole canning process.

Not only am I pumped for cold Death Wish Coffee on the go but I love that three local companies can come together to work for each other instead of against each other and I am looking forward to these bad boys getting released already!

WTEN spent some time with all involved while they we're working on their first batches yesterday and it looked pretty awesome you can check out their visit HERE.