We all know the saying "enjoy every moment because you never know when it will be your last". From time to time I need reminding and this sad story from Lake George is one of those reminders.

This is a story that, I would imagine, started off happy as a weekend snowmobile ride was planned and should be fun but ended up deadly.

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On Sunday February 13th, according to the New York Department of Conservation, Ray Brook Dispatch was alerted to a snowmobile accident on the summit of Prospect Mountain. Snowmobile accidents are very common in the state of New York and all ability levels can find themselves stuck from time to time. So how bad would this accident be? Officials wouldn't know until they arrived on scene.


Forest Rangers teamed with Lake George Fire and EMS and the Warren County Sheriff's Office at the scene of a snowmobile crash and quickly determined the 60-year-old rider had died. The Warren County Sheriff's Office identified the snowmobiler as Thomas Mulson from Lake Luzerne.

News10 reports that Mulson was riding a 2017 Yamaha toward the summit and failed to make a left turn, hit a boulder and died from his injuries. No further details on the crash have been made available as of yet. New York Forest Rangers assisted in packaging and moving the body and the accident investigation is ongoing.

Forest Rangers are always training for rescue missions. This includes review of winter gear essentials, techniques to keep warm, providing care to injured individuals in a cold environment, and moving through snow or ice-covered terrain. This training helps ensure Rangers are prepared to respond to difficult and sometimes hazardous winter rescues, and a reminder to take care of themselves while providing care to the public.

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