Sometimes I like to think about what the athletic stars of the past are doing today. When an athlete retires normally they coach, do commentary, or just disappear. There’s no correct way to live your life after your sports career is over however, I think Spud Webb might have it figured out.

Being a coach after your career is a nice approach to life, but when you’re coaching a team of strippers it’s the ideal approach. According to Spud web has been announced as the new head coach for the “Number one strip club” in New York City, Rick’s cabaret Stripper Basket ball team. Yes, you read correctly, strippers playing basketball.

Personally I think I could watch strippers do just about anything but sports has to be the most entertaining. Women in sports very rarely can entertain me, but adding the element of the absence of clothing brings it to a whole new level.  So allow me to be the first one in the Q103 world to say congratulations Mr. Spud Webb. You may be a little man, but you have a tremendous dream!