This year for the holiday season, Stewart's Shops have something new to treat yourself with.

Nope, not whole new line of ice cream flavors.  Not a new ridiculous holiday coffee craze either (thankfully).  What's new this year?  Well, you can decorate your tree with a little bit of Stewart's.

This year, Stewart's Shops are offering ornaments for the first year ever. The ornaments are actually really cute (and do represent a New York staple)!  It looks like they are selling them in all Stewart's Shops for about $9.00, while they last.  Once they run out, well then you're out of luck.  I'm one of those people who collects all kinds of random ornaments from places I visit or things that are sentimental to me, so I like this idea!  You can see what they look like and get the info here.

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