Even casual gamers like me keep an eye on the gaming news simply because you never know when Duke Nukem Forever is going to FINALLY come out. But I also like to see when new and interesting online games, like my beloved Quake Live, hit the internet for all to play. Now it looks like game retailer Gamestop is going to jump into the online game market now.

Back on Thursday, it was announced that Gamestop had bought Impulse, a site that allows you to buy and download games for your PC. Former parent company Stardock's owner Brad Wardell gave an interview to the gaming website Joystiq about the sale. Then Gamestop went on to purchase another company called SpawnLabs, a game streaming company.

What is inferred in the gaming circles is that Gamestop is planning on going up against game streaming company Steam. So what does this mean to the online gamer? What competition in the free market has always meant. Better service and perhaps more games. In the end, I see gamers reaping the benefits.

Especially us casual gamers as we can go from a first person shooter to an RPG in the blink of an eye. Happy Fragging!