The Capital Region is home to a lot of malls that have either died or are dying.  Sad, yes.

In 2018, it seems like every month, if not more, another store or chain was closing down.  This place is liquidating, that place is liquidating, and so on.  Well, an interesting list on totally confirmed my thoughts that the shopping mall is a dying thing.  It makes me sad as I love going to hang out at the mall, but its happening.

A mall sustained on shopping alone, or mostly shopping? Not anymore.  I blame internet shopping for this, as someone who loves to still shop in person and not just order online.  Let us know your thoughts!  And without further adieu, here are some of the dead and dying malls of the Capital Region, as listed by :

  • Amsterdam Mall
  • Clifton Country Mall
  • Cohoes Commons
  • Latham Circle Mall
  • Mohawk Mall (Schenectady)
  • Northway Mall (Albany)
  • Malta Mall
  • Saratoga Mall